35 Kidston Tce, Chermside, QLD

A well-positioned DA and CC-approved unit site. Approved for 58 units. Unit Mix is 36 x 1 bedroom units, 12 x 2 bedroom units, and 12 x 2 bedrooms accessible. NDIS compliant units.

Project Commenced April 2022

Estimated profit: $3,923,967
42.65% return

Project Status

Property has been purchased with CC and DA approval with 10 presales. We are currently looking at launching sales and marketing through our
internal team to bolster and boost pre-sales.
We are working on selecting local agents to sell units off the plan.
We are currently working with a few lenders for our construction facility so we can start construction as soon as possible.


Project commenced: 5th April 2022
Purchase Cost: $9,154,885
Buy-in (100 Shares): $92,000 per share*
Shares Status: Available

Exit Strategy

Build and sell all dwellings off the plan within the next
24 months then distribute profits accordingly.
Duration: 24 - 30 months
Estimated Profit: $3,923,967
$39,239.67 per share
42.65% investment return†

* Buy-ins increase at the close of every funding
round and in accordance with the project’s value at
that stage. Note that each project has several
funding rounds prior to construction commencing.
† Based on the initial buy-in of $92,000.

Developer - Kingdom

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